Riveting and Drilling Practice

The Teenflight Crew were busy practicing their Drilling and Riveting Skills while we wait for delivery of the RV12 Finishing Kit Drilling out rivets to remove the skin from a Cessna 310 Horizontal Stabilizer that had been previously damaged The damaged Skin was removed revealing the Spars and Ribs Work then…

Teenflight Receives Donation from Scotiabank

  TeenFlight Campbell River was pleased to accept a $1000 donation on April 15th from Scotiabank Manager Vanessa Hamer through the Scotiabank Employee Volunteer Program. Because of her interest in aviation and involvement with the TeenFlight project, Ms. Hamer chose to make a contribution through the bank’s fund which recognizes…

Wing Construction

The Forward Ribs were straightened with Fluting Pliers Installing a Top Skin onto the Wing The Skin was Clecoed and then the holes Match Drilled Followed by Riveting the Skin to the Ribs and Spars    1/3 of the Topskin riveting done and really starting to look like a Wing

Dec 10 – Fuselage and Wings

Fitting the rear window to the Fuselage  Forward and Aft Ribs attached to the Left Wing Spar         The project was tucked away for the Christmas Break. Lots of progress made over the last year and a lot more work (fun) to come!

Wing Ribs

    The Wing Ribs were primed and modified to fit. Several needed their aft flanges removed. Work was also being done to prepare the Forward Stub Spar