Category: Building a Vans RV-12

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January Building

The wing kit has arrived and Campbell River TeenFlight 2 Group got right to work deburring and fluting The ribs and spars were then primed Keep checking back for more progress as assembly continues

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November and December Building

The TeenFlight and TeenFlight2 Campbell River groups have been busy. The Empennage kit is quickly coming together for the new students as they learn new skills.   The original TeenFlight group has taken on...

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Taxi Testing

The TeenFlight Campbell River RV12 has now completed Taxi Testing to make sure that everything is ready for the first flight!         All systems were good except a small squeal from...

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RV12 Painting

The next task after a successful weekend in Campbell River was to finish painting the RV12 The Canopy is finally finished and ready for paint The Fuselage was masked and the accent stripes applied...

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May Building

May has been a busy month for building The Cabin Heat Control was completed and the Radiator Installed The Fuel Tank in now in place and the Seat Belts attached The Canopy is getting...

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Week 11 and 12

Work has continued on the RV12. The team has learned more about working with Fibreglass as they create the fairing for the front of the Canopy. The Engine Cowl is getting closer with another...

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2016 – Week 9

Julia and Even started off the night by installing the Canopy Latch David and Rylan were busy countersinking the hinge that attaches the upper and lower Engine Cowl Callum riveted the ADAHRS stiffening bracket...